The Story of Maisie Lane Co.

Maisie Lane Co. launched in 2019 as a marketplace for stationery. In July, 2020 founder Taylor McDermott launched her first branded line of products including 4 bullet journal designs and 3 sets of washi tapes. Within a month, Maisie Lane Co. took the bullet journal community by storm. Maisie Lane Co. journals offer quality at an affordable price, and the option to add a personalization on the cover.

Maisie Lane Co. is still just a small business, and all personalizations are done by hand by Taylor. 


From Tay, Founder of Maisie Lane Co.

I started Maisie Lane Co. for two reasons: to go after the dream of launching my own business and to help others to go after their own dreams.

Journaling, stationery and workspace decor brings me peace and creative flow and my goal is for our products to do the same for you. 

My end goal is to not only create the tools you need to be productive, but to also bring together a community of all ages, races, and identities that lifts each other up as we dive head first into our passions. 

Thank you so much for supporting my small business and please reach out directly to me, Tay, if you have any questions.