Bullet Journal Community Spotlight: @CraftDayStudio - Maisie Lane Co.

Bullet Journal Community Spotlight: @CraftDayStudio

Since Maisie Lane Co’s launch in July 2020, I have met some incredible people in the bullet journal community around the world. This community is kind, supportive and oh-so-talented and you all never cease to amaze me. This is one reason why I wanted to start this new *hopefully* regular Q&A series on the Maisie Lane Co. blog. I’d like to share with you some of the people in the bullet journal community along with their amazing stories, spreads and inspirational advice. 



I’d like to Introduce Sasa, the 32 year old creator of Instragram profile @craftdaystudio. Based out of the Philippines, Sasa has been a collector of all types of stationery from notebooks, pens, to stickers ever since she was young. On her instagram page, you can see why she’s amassed 12.7K followers. Her work is absolutely stunning with intricate floral patterns, eye-catching color schemes and beautiful monograms. In fact, I even had her do a custom monogram for Maisie Lane Co.

Q: How did you first get into bullet journaling?

A: I always had a weekly planner to manage my daily tasks, so when I discovered the bullet journaling system around four years ago, I was hooked because I knew I wanted to customize my own layouts. At first, I designed the pages minimally but with all my stationery collection, I eventually started to style my pages even more.

Q: When did you start your Instagram page, @CraftDayStudio? 

A:  When I was still a student, I couldn't find planners that I really liked, so I just designed the pages using my gel pens. At one point, I even printed my own layouts and bound the pages together using metal rings. I continued to use a planner even when I was working to manage my to-do lists so when I found out about the bullet journaling system, of course I had to try it on my own. Around two years ago, I decided to share my work publicly through Instagram and that was when Craft Day Studio was born.

Q: How has it affected your life and/or what do you love most about it? 

A: I love how the system evolved for me from just jotting down my to-do lists and managing my time but now, it is so much more. Aside from productivity, it served as my creative outlet where I practiced my hand writing, water coloring and doodling. Eventually, journaling made me feel really good especially if I see accomplished tasks and coloring in good habits. I could say it helped me have a more positive outlook in life.

Q: What is your favorite type of spread to create?

A: I usually like creating the cover page because that's when a new theme idea comes to life. All of the succeeding pages for the month will be based on that cover page. However, I also like inventing new types of layouts that are not usually done for the month.

Q: What are your can’t-live-without accessories for bullet journaling?

A: That would definitely be my fine line 0.1 black pen and my colored markers.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone looking to start a bullet journal?

A: Make it your own. Don't be pressured by someone else's journal because you'll be the one to use it anyway. You should adjust the layout depending on how you plan to use it. If a layout doesn't work for you, that's okay, you can change it on your next pages. 


You can find Sasa on Instagram at www.instagram.com/craftdaystudio
or @craftdaystudio. 

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