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Bujo 101: 5 Spreads & Tracker Ideas For Your Bullet Journal Monthly Set-Up

Hi dear friends, it’s me again Aly from @bujo_alyFor those of you who are new, I am the artist and Bullet-Journal-enthusiast behind my Instagram-profile.

Today I would like to share with you the second blog post from the Bujo 101 series. Last month we had 5 Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas. Today’s post is all about some extra bullet journal spreads and trackers you can include in your monthly setup.

You can use any materials you feel comfortable with, if you are curious to know which are my favorites, check out the last blog post


Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

The first spread I would like to show you is the mood-tracker. In my opinion, this tracker is a must have in every bullet journal monthly setup. I personally like the graph-version, it’s easier to see the ups and downs at a glance, without having to color-decode. Tracking your mood can be incredibly beneficial as well! We get so wrapped up in the day-to-day with life, work and/or school. With a mood tracker, you can better understand your emotions in the big picture, what triggers certain emotions, and see if you need to make more time to take care of yourself. Tracking and analyzing your mood could be a big step towards understanding and handling certain situations. 

Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

This is how it could look like when it’s filled out. It doesn’t have to be many different graphs, you can also sum them up in one diagram.


Another very useful spread is the habit-tracker. This can be executed in many different ways. You can track new habits that you want to include in your daily routine. For example, a work-out or you can just keep an eye on specific tasks like watering plants. 

I find that keeping it very simple is beneficial so that it won't cost you a huge amount of time. If you are new to bullet journaling, sometimes many different trackers can deter you from keeping it up. Sticking to simpler spreads first works really well because you can see what really works for you and add more detail as you become more experienced. 

After a couple of weeks of tracking your habits, it will be very obvious what your routine is like and also what you might need to work on! 

Self-Care Bingo

Bullet Journal Bingo

We all know that self-care and self-love is very important, especially for our mental health. But sometimes we absolutely lose sight of what we did or even when was the last time we did something for ourselves. 

Bullet Journal Bingo

This Bingo is a simple visualization. Every time you did something for yourself, you can fill in the box. It isn’t obligatory at all to have a 5 x 5 bingo. You could also start with a 4 x 4 subdividing. The main part is doing something you love and rewarding yourself.

Brain-Dump and To-Do List

Bullet Journal Brain Dump

It is often the case that the brain dump is designed separately from the to-do list, but I think that these two spreads go together even better. You have an idea that should perhaps be realized in the same month, and like that you can work out your thoughts very well. Of course, it’s up to you if you keep it one-paged or on a double-spread. The more ideas you have the more space your thoughts are going to need. This page is for me indispensable and it’s included in every monthly setup in my Bullet Journal.


Bullet Journal Budget Tracker

Of course, you can track your finances in your online-banking app, but sometimes there are financial outgoings that aren’t always connected with your banking cards. And, if you don't want to lose track of your own financial expenses, a budget-tracker is your bullet journal is very helpful. Obviously, it can be adapted to your own requirements by adding or removing columns. Keeping an eye on your expenses can also help saving money and improve spending.

I hope you liked today's post and now are inspired to create some new monthly set-up-spreads. If that’s the case, we would love to see your re-creations on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us @maisielaneco and @bujo_aly and use the hashtag #bujo101! 

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Stay creative and stay safe,

Virtual hugs.

Aly <3

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